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Do You Need To Contest A Will?

After the death of a loved one, it may become apparent that the person’s will was changed at the last minute, overlooked someone who should have been included as a beneficiary, or is otherwise not what was expected. In such cases, it may be necessary to undertake the process of challenging a will.

The attorneys at Chan Law Firm have extensive experience in these kinds of probate disputes, which often involve multiple family members. Having an experienced will contest attorney on your side can be a great benefit if you are looking to have a will invalidated.

What Are Common Reasons For Contesting A Will?

There may be multiple reasons to contest a will in Georgia. Common issues include:

  • A will that was changed at the last minute. If an elderly parent is subject to undue influence on the part of a third party, such as a paid caregiver, that parent might change his or her will in his or her last days in order to make that person a beneficiary.
  • Someone who expects to receive a substantial amount, but instead is cut out or receives very little.
  • The will was written by hand or prepared by extra-legal means.

Sometimes, parents outlive their children. A will might wrongly exclude the children of the deceased adult child, or that person’s estate.

Beneficiary rights are not always well-understood by people who have not encountered these issues before. At Chan Law Firm, we offer guidance and representation if you feel overwhelmed and helpless at this difficult time.

Helping You Defend The Validity Of A Loved One’s Will

In addition to challenging wills, our attorneys can also represent you if you need to defend your beneficiary rights or the validity of a will generally. Family politics can lead to hurt feelings and distrust, especially if the decedent had more than one family (through remarriage, step-children, etc.). Wills often get amended later in life to reflect these types of changing circumstances. A will is not invalid simply because the originally named beneficiaries disagree with the decedent’s decisions. Our firm will fight to honor the wishes your loved one specified in his or her last will and testament.

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