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We Litigate Disputes Involving Breach Of Fiduciary Duty

Being named an executor, administrator of an estate, conservator, guardian or trustee is an enormous responsibility. Sometimes, whether due to misunderstanding or greed, these appointees do not fulfill their fiduciary duty to the estate, trust or ward.

If you need to petition against one of these representatives or if you have been accused of failing in your fiduciary duty, the attorneys at Chan Law Firm can represent you. With our experience in the Cobb County Probate Court and other courts throughout metro Atlanta, we understand all sides of probate, trust, estate and conservator disputes in Georgia.

Accounting and returns can be a complicated aspect of fiduciary duties, and executors often make mistakes in these matters. Talk to us if you have questions about accounting and returns.

Representing Families And Personal Representatives

It is important to understand the duties that come with being named an executor, administrator of an estate, trustee, conservator or guardian. If you need help fulfilling these duties, we can ensure help understand your responsibilities. We can also defend you if you are accused of mismanaging your fiduciary duties.

People who make decisions as a representative must put their duty before their own interest or commission. Sometimes, however, this is difficult to understand and carry out. At Chan Law Firm, our attorneys instruct representatives in their duties and make certain they move forward appropriately.

If you have concerns about a fiduciary’s actions, we can take steps to find out what has been done by the fiduciary and whether the fiduciary has acted appropriately.

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