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Georgia Probate Attorneys For Appeals

At Chan Law Firm, we handle appeals of court rulings regarding wills and estates. If you believe an error was made in the court ruling regarding your family’s estate, our attorneys can investigate the matter and determine whether an appeal is the appropriate course of action.

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Appeals Are Different Than Litigation

The appeals process is very different than the normal litigation process. If you need to appeal a court ruling, it is important that you have an attorney who handles appeals specifically. Not all probate attorneys handle appeals. We do, and we have extensive experience in this area of law.

An appeal is not a re-litigation of the case. Rather, a successful appeal requires uncovering errors or misunderstandings that led to the court’s unfavorable decision. For example, an unfavorable ruling in a will contest could lead to an appeal.

We handle all aspects of the probate process, including appeals.

Sample Cases

Clients and other probate attorneys may be interested in some of our case results. We accept referrals of cases. Following are some of the appeals we have handled:

  • In Re: Estate of McKitrick, 326 Ga. App. 702
  • In Re: Estate of Wertzer, 330 Ga. App. 294
  • In Re: Estate of Addie Copeland, A18A1289 (unreported)
  • In Re: Estate of Hanson, 353 Ga. App. 61

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