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Understanding And Utilizing Guardianships

With regard to the aging process, many people find it difficult to know when to let go and cede decision-making authority to someone else, even if that person is a concerned and loving family member. It may be necessary for someone to step in to ensure that an elderly loved one’s health and well-being are protected.

As attorneys with extensive experience in a wide range of guardianship and elder law issues, we are uniquely qualified to work with families to ensure the well-being of their parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle who can no longer care for himself or herself. It can be a great comfort to a family to take a more active role in the decisions that affect a vulnerable loved one.

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When To Consider Establishing An Adult Guardianship

A guardian has the ability to oversee major decisions in a person’s life such as where he or she lives and if he or she should be placed in a nursing home or other care facility. These decisions are not to be taken lightly, so having an experienced guardianship lawyer to guide you can be extremely beneficial.

While guardianships are often sought for elderly individuals (such as aging parents) who have become mentally incapacitated, guardianships are also sought for children with special needs who have reached the age of majority (usually age 18). As a parent, you may need to continue making decisions for your son or daughter even after he or she reaches adulthood. To do this, you typically must petition the court for more decision-making authority through a guardianship.

If you are primarily concerned about an elderly person’s ability to make financial decisions, then a conservatorship might be more appropriate. At Chan Law Firm, we have extensive experience in guardianships and conservatorships, and we can help you determine the most prudent steps to take on behalf of your loved one.

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