Legal Representation For Inheritance Disputes

When Beneficiaries Don't Receive What Is Expected

Even if a will is determined to be valid, beneficiaries still might be unhappy with the disposition of their loved one's estate. It may be that the executor of the estate has not properly handled his or her duties. In this case, beneficiaries may have recourse if they have not received what they expect to be coming to them.

There are many reasons why beneficiaries might turn to probate litigation to right a wrong that they feel has been done to them. Ophelia Chan and the Chan Law Firm LLC provide legal representation for inheritance disputes in Georgia.

Make Sure Your Beneficiary Rights Aren't Lost

A common reason that a beneficiary might want to take action is if an executor is not fulfilling his or her fiduciary duties when handling the decedent's estate. Executors are often entitled to take a fee in exchange for handling an estate. However, it is important that executors do not abuse this privilege and use assets to which they are not entitled. It may take an experienced attorney to investigate the situation on behalf of an upset beneficiary.

Sadly, many of these disputes are among family members. Ms. Chan is adept at handling these cases with delicacy and professionalism.

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