Guardianship And Conservatorship

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There comes a time in many families when decisions have to be made regarding an elderly relative. It may become apparent that an older person is making questionable financial decisions or is not as sharp as in past years.

Alternately, you may have an adult son or daughter who cannot manage his or her own legal and financial matters due to a disability. In both cases, our firm can help.

Attorney Ophelia Chan has more than 15 years of experience working directly with families to resolve these sensitive issues, which can lead to hard feelings among family members if they are not adequately addressed. There are multiple options for families that need viable solutions for the dilemmas they face.

Are Guardianships Or Conservatorships The Best Options For You?

Having a family member or other person appointed by the court to be a guardian or a conservator is a possibility. However, for elderly people who are still actively involved in their own affairs and have the capacity to continue to do so, it might be more prudent to set up a power of attorney. Depending on the needs of the vulnerable person, though, establishing a guardianship or a conservatorship could be a useful path to take.

Many elderly people in Georgia have been taken advantage of by schemers to the tune of large portions of their savings. Financial exploitation of the elderly is a growing problem in Marietta and throughout the country. Our firm can help you put legal mechanisms in place to fight or prevent financial exploitation and vulnerable adult abuse.

Learn more about conservatorships.

For older people who require more intervention in their affairs, establishing a guardianship might be prudent. Guardians make decisions on the care and well-being of their wards, who may no longer have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs.

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Conservatorship Management And Administration

If you have been appointed a conservator, Ms. Chan can help you administer conservatorship estates. The law requires annual reports to the probate courts on the activities of all conservatorships. The law also requires all conservators to petition for authority to invest, sell or dispose of any of the wards' property.

Our firm can assist you in:

  • Preparing annual returns
  • Inventory and asset management plans
  • Petitioning for leave to sell or otherwise dispose of the ward's property
  • Petitioning for leave to invest the ward's property
  • Petitioning to encroach on corpus (to use money or property the ward has other than annual income)
  • Petitioning for discharge when you have completed the conservatorship.

Whether you need help administering the conservatorship estate or have been cited by a court for your actions as conservator, contact the Chan Law Firm LLC for a consultation.

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