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Proper estate planning is necessary to ensure your property goes to the people and charities that you want. A proper estate plan can also help your family avoid additional court costs, taxes, attorney's fees and disputes between family members. Estate planning can include a will, power of attorney for health care and a general durable power of attorney.


A will is a document by which the testator is able to transfer their assets after death directly to their chosen beneficiaries. There are times that the testator feels it necessary to protect their beneficiaries with a testamentary trust. A testamentary trust is a trust created within a will. The assets transferred into the testamentary trust are held by a trustee for the benefit of a beneficiary. The beneficiary has no direct access to the assets held in the trust and the assets are protected from the beneficiary's creditors. Testamentary trusts are often used to protect the beneficiary, especially if the beneficiary is disabled and receiving public benefits.

Wills should be reviewed and updated periodically to ensure that it provides what the testator wants during life-changing events such as a marriage, birth of a child or a divorce. Contact the Chan Law Firm LLC for a consultation if you need a will or need to update your current will.

Power Of Attorney

Power of attorney is a document which allows a person (the principle) to appoint another (the agent) to manage and handle their financial business. Once appointed, the agent owes a duty to the principle to only act in the principle's best interest. A power of attorney may be used when the principle is still competent but needs somebody to handle their financial affairs. A power of attorney can be broadly written to give the agent all encompassing powers or narrowly written to only give the agent specific powers. A power of attorney can also be drafted to take effect immediately or to take effect only upon the principle's incapacity. A power of attorney can be a very useful tool in avoiding a guardianship or conservatorship, and court involvement in your personal affairs. Contact the Chan Law Firm LLC for a consultation to make sure that you are protected if you are ever unable to make decisions regarding your property.

Health Care Power Of Attorney (Living Will)

A health care power of attorney is a document which allows an agent to make health care decisions for a principle if the principle is unable to do so. The health care power of attorney has directions for the agent, which guides the agent on how to make decisions about life-sustaining treatments when you cannot. Having a health care power of attorney can alleviate the stress on loved ones if they ever have to make decisions about your medical treatments if you are ever seriously injured or ill. Contact the Chan Law Firm LLC for a consultation to ensure that your wishes regarding your health care are properly documented.

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